Lidocaine Spray – Information, Reviews, Brands, Customer Testimonials about Lidocaine Spray or Cream

lidocaine spray for tattoos are getting popular these days. lidocaine sprays are topical pain reliever to reduce the pain and discomforts on body tattooing. In some shops, lidocaine sprays are offered for the tattoo lovers especially for girls. Women have lesser pain tolerance than men. Most women want their tattoos in their ribs, lower back, around the ankle, upper back, shoulders, behind the ear, belly, etc… women want it there to show their feminine side. Women also use lidocaine spray for cosmetic tattooing. Cosmetic tattoo are great for women who wanted to enhance face features. Men are known that can tolerate pain, but for some it doesn’t especially for those who will have their first time to be tattooed. Men also apply lidocaine spray for more extreme tattoo like in the head, lip, eyebrows, eye patch, ribs, and other skin area that is painful for tattoo. lidocaine spray are also known as Topical Anesthetics, these are available online or in the pharmacy nearest you, with or without prescription. lidocaine spray contains lidocaine, prilocaine, benzocaine, and other active ingredients. In buying lidocaine spray, be sure that the cream is water-based or non-oily so that the lidocaine spray doesn’t interfere with the ink. and last but not the least be sure that the lidocaine spray you buy is safe, if the seal is broken you can get it back where you buy it.

What is Lidocaine Cream ? Lidocaine is an anesthetic. In layman’s terms, it is a pretty powerful pain-killer. It works by preventing the nerves from transmitting pain impulses to the brain. Used in a great deal of medical procedures, it can be applied topically as lidocaine cream, or via an injection. Injectable lidocaine is a solution in which the medication is typically diluted with sterile water so it can be drawn into a syringe. Lidocaine injections are very common in dentists offices, and anywhere the doctor wishes to perform a procedure that needs a little bit of local anesthetic.

Lidocaine Cream Side Effects

Lidocaine has few side effects, the most common of which is redness and light swelling, and also has very few contra-indications. In fact, though it is not recommended for pregnant women to take medications, lidocaine has not been proven to be harmful in such a situation. You should always check with a physician if you have any questions about a medicine or treatment option, we hope to provide the necessary information to take the first step.

Lidocaine is also the premier ingredient in numbing cream. It is present in most tooth-pain relievers such as Orajel, and is extremely effective. It is often used in conjunction with antiseptics or antibiotic creams such as Neosporin Plus. In these incarnations, it is one of the most commonly found pain-relievers on the market today. Lidocaine numbing creams can also be prescribed, with higher concentrations of lidocaine, by your doctor for treatment of itching, soreness, discomfort and pain of the mucous membranes or skin due to various health issues. Lidocaine cream is commonly prescribed for insect bites, bad scratches, and skin irritations such as eczema.

One of the more recent uses for this anesthetic is as a tattoo numbing cream. In years gone by, a tattoo was a way to prove you could handle the pain of getting it. Now, however, with the massive increase in popularity over the last decade or so, savvy tattoo artists have begun offering it as a minor numbing agent, preventing the customer from feeling the worst of the process.

Lidocaine Cream As An Anesthetic

As a topical anesthetic, lidocaine cream is invaluable. Besides the uses listed above, doctors use it a great deal in out-patient procedures that only require a minimal amount of numbing. For instance, it is sometimes given when one is getting stitches.

Perhaps the most unique use for this ‘wonder drug’ is as a numbing cream for waxing. Waxing, too, has enjoyed a huge increase in popularity, and some smart business owner decided they were likely to get more customers if they could reduce the pain associated with the procedure.

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